Ad Control is a simple and efficient app which blocks ads and also has a little bit of human touch.

The blocking engine works in a unique way giving you the option to not only block all ads but also, in order to prevent your favorite websites from disappearing one day, there is an option called "1 Ad", which will only allow 1 ad to show up per web page. It's your decision, your web experience.

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Ad blocker

Easily blocks all ads or all except just one. It all depends on your choice.


Our commitment is to bring a cleaner and faster web for you. The line graph in the dashboard will always show you our daily efforts.

Human Touch

Everybody cares about their favorite websites and they don’t want them to disappear one day. For that reason we are giving you the “1 Ad” option.

Read the "Open letter"

Automatic Updates

Simple, fast and automated updates keep your web  browsing experience running smoothly.


  • Report websites that still show ads
  • Sync your app data between all your devices
  • and more..

No Ads

A clean, no ads experience at the
push of a button.

Faster Browsing

You can get up to 50% faster web page load time when chosing the "No ads" option.

Pure Enjoyment

Having a faster and cleaner web experience it's what we call pure enjoyment.

Artur Grigor

Lead Developer

iOS Developer, Web Developer, and amateur photographer.

Cristian Ilea


iOS Developer. Geek. Game dev wanna-be.

Ciprian Boiciuc


UX Designer at Grapefruit.ro